Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer LC-450D

  • Measurement over a wide range of concentrations Can display concentrations ranging from the ppm level to 100%.
  • Improved sensor durability The oxygen sensor has been specially treated for improved durability.
  • DC driven DC24V makes it easier to integrate the unit into other equipment. (AC power specifications are also available.)
  • Compact and easy to set up Since the unit is shorter in the depth direction than our previous model, it takes up less space.
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE marking declaration of conformity EN61010-1:2002(Compliant),EN61326:+A3:2003

Main Specifications

Recorder output External output: 0-10 V (4-20 mA is optional)
Communication output RS-232C standard (unidirectional)
Contact output Equipment error (No-voltage contact)
Concentration error (No-voltage contact)
Warmup signal (No-voltage contact)
[Contact capacity: DC/AC30V, 0.5A max.]
Range marker output 2-point output (Voltage contact)
[Contact capacity: DC/AC 30 V, 0.3 A max.]
Self-diagnosis functions Sensor temperature error, Calibration error, Internal temperature error
CPU error, Furnace temperature error, Warmup error
Asymmetry potential error, Sensor resistance error
AIR point calibration error
SPAN point calibration error
Sample gas conditions Must not contain flammable components, halogen, silica, corrosive components or water droplets.
Pressure: Pressurized at 29kPa max.
Flow rate: 1,000-2,000 mL/min
Temperature: 50 °C max.
Humidity: Dew point lower than ambient temperature
Power supply Voltage: DC24 V ±10 %, (30 VA, steady supply)
Set up conditions Set up location: Indoors, Non-explosion-proof zone
Ambient temperature: 0-40 °C
Ambient humidity: 45-85 %RH, No condensation
Equipment options Activated carbon filter, Sintered metal filter

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