S - 27

Air sampler S-27 is a battery-operated air sampler to measure a slight amount of toxic substances in the indoor environment and working environment with high-sensitivity Kitagawa gas detector tubes.
With its high suction pressure and stable suction flow rate, Air sampler S-27 has a wide range of uses as a sampling pump for toxic substance measurement in the air.


Model Number Air sampler S-27
Sampling pump Diaphragm
Range of flow volume setting 0.200-0.500L/min
Sampling flow level range 0.0-999.99L
Display range of set time 0.00-999.59(hour, minute)
Time setting Display range Time:minute, a day of the week
Built-in flow meter Mass-flow sensor
Display part Liquid-crystal display with backlighting
Operating temperature 0-40 degree C
Power source 8 size AA alkarine dry batteries(lithium-ion secondary battery and AC adapter are optional)
Main body dimensions 145(W)×67(D)×95(H)mm
Main body weight 650 g (including 8 size AA dry batteries)
Standard accessories One tube (inner diameter:Φ4mm, outer diameter:8mm, length:30mm)
Option 1. Tripod : CX-200
2. Battery unit : LI-10N.
    *Quick charger(QC-10N) is required to recharge.
3. Quick charger :QC-10N
4. AC adapter : PA-123
5. Carrying case
6. Transmission cable with software
7. Filter element