S - 23E


Model Number Air sampler S-23E
Sampling pump Diaphram
Maximum suction pressure More than 40kPa (At full load)
Gas sampling control mode Time mode : Automatic pump stop by timer presetting (Accumulated volume indication available)
Accumulated mode : Automatic pump stop by accumulated volume (Suctioning time indication available)
Display Digital display by LCD
Measuring and display
at momentary flow
Flow setting by needle valve
Measuring range : 0.00?1.10 L
Minimum display : 0.01L
Measuring and display
at sampling flow
Measuring range : 0.00?9999 L
Minimum display : 0.01L
Time setting range
Measuring range : 00.00?99.59(hr:min)
Minimum display : 1min
Remaining time display : Display subtraction/addition (Preset value when shipped from factory is subtraction)
Operating temperature 0 ? 40 ℃
Power supply Voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
Main body dimensions 130(W) × 270(H) × 283(D) mm
Main body weight Approx. 4 kg
Height for measuring 930mm (without detector tube and connecting tube)
1,000 ? 1,050 mm (with detector tube)
Option 1.Tip cutter 2. Thermometer
3. Alminium case 4.Extension adapter