S - 21

Currently, measurements for concentration of formaldehyde is done most commonly by absorptiometric method or HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) method.
However, these methods require expensive devices, knowledge and experience.
Furthermore, in detector tube method which is effective as a simple measurement, up to this date it had been impossible to detect and measure the trace amount of formaldehyde at the indoor pollution level.
With Air sampler S-21, this newly developed detector tube is capable of measuring within the range of 0.01 - 1.2ppm. And it covers the indoor environment suggested value by WHO, which is 0.1mg/m3 (0.08ppm 30min average).


Model Number Air sampler S-21
Sampling pump diaphram
Maximum suction pressure more than 400hPa (At full load)
Flow rate settings range 50 - 500mL/min
Flow Meter Accuracy ±5% of full scale
Repeatability of Flow Meter ±1% of indicated value
Timer function 1min?99hrs.59min. with Digital setting (addition display) 
*It is set to stop after 30 minutes with the shipment settings
       display; subtraction display
Operating temperature range orange to red-purple
Power source 0 - 40℃
Dimensions 125(W) x 146(H) x 220(D)mm
Weight 2.5kg
Option Position pole to keep measuring height, Tip cutter : B191 and Thermometer