Product Lines


    Since our inception in 1995, the BI-TORQ Actuator and Automation Package division has seen a tremendous expansion of our operations. William Jackson, the managing director of AVK Carbo-Bond, had long seen the need to provide our many loyal customers with options to complete their valve automation packages. After bringing in General Manager David Marut and starting with the introduction of our BI-TORQ rack and pinion actuator in 1995, we now are proud to include the BI-TORQ InstruPak, a direct mount automated valve package that includes both brass and stainless steel valves. We also offer cost-effective butterfly valves, electric actuators, limit switches, proximity switches, positioners and gear operators. Along with the unlimited number of customized mounting kits, tee linkages and extensions we manufacture through our parent company, we are proud to call ourselves a true single source supplier that can make your job easier.


    Since the company was founded in 1931, customers have come to recognize Dwyer Instruments to stand for quality, reliability, and readily available low cost products. As a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry, we continue to grow and serve major markets including, but not limited to HVAC, chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control. New applications are discovered daily through a cooperative effort between Dwyer and its customers. It has been these relationships with our customers that allow us to continue to develop market demand products and further our success from leading established brand names such as the Magnehelic® pressure gages, Photohelic® switch/gages, Rate Master® flowmeters, and Hi-Flow® valves.


Hobré Instruments is a leading company in the field of design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of on line analyzers, sample systems and complete turnkey analyzer systems for the gas and process industry. Established in 1978 the company has its main focus in serving the oil and gas industry and petro-chemical sector world wide, with a variety of solutions. After sales support is provided both directly and via an extensive network of distributors.
    The key driver for our continuous growth is our ability to provide an integral solution for on-line process analysis which addresses best the requirements at the lowest cost of ownership. To achieve this our team of specialists can tap from vast experience and application knowledge as well as an array of proven proprietary components and technologies. Contact us for references and a review of your application!


    Since the expansion of KRAL AG in Austria to the US market, there has been strong support for the US subsidiary assuring the American market will receive the excellent products and services that KRAL AG has been providing since it?s founding in 1950. KRAL-USA, Inc. continues to expand it?s presence in the American market with the addition of a new direct office in the Chicago area. Mike Libbey´s location in the Midwest enhances the ability of the KRAL-USA´s  North Carolina office, and further supports the long term philosophy of KRAL, "close to the customer".
This expansion supports KRAL global plan to be available in support of its global customer base. Major long term business partners such as Rolls-Royce, Alstom, Aalborg, Maersk, Caterpillar, etc., rely upon a strong global presence by KRAL.


    Norgren’s vision is to create competitive advantage for its customers. By exploiting the potential of motion and fluid control technologies Norgren engineers apply their dedicated skills and resources to fully understand customers’ needs and processes so that they can develop smarter, more inventive and more effective solutions. For Norgren customers this means better results, faster/more efficient machines, improved machine performance, increased reliability/uptime and lower cost of ownership.



    Toray Group fuses nanotechnology into its operations, using organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biotechnology as its core technologies. In addition to the Foundation Businesses of fibers & textiles and plastics & chemicals, Toray likewise promotes the global development of IT-related products, carbon fiber composite materials, pharmaceuticals and medical products, environment & engineering including water treatment and progress in other pivotal business fields.


    Today WITT is a modern medium sized company which was founded by Paul Witt as a two man operation in the autumn of 1945. The name WITT and later the WITT flashback arrestors with cut-off valves became synonymous with safety in the gas welding industry and spurred the steady growth of the Company. Numerous inventions and patents have been the basis for the continued success and the desire to meet your individual requirements has                                                        been our motivation to innovate.