• 2 range display for analog meter
  • Suitable for oxygen measurement in flue gas from combustion appliances
  • Not affected by acidic gases within combustion flue gas

Model OM-320
Measuring Gas Oxygen
Measuring Principle Galvanic cell
Measuring Range 0 - 10%/0 - 25%
Resolution 0.50%
Accuracy Within ±0.7%O2
Display Method Analog (range switch)
Response Time 90% of the response within 10 seconds
Power Source 3 size D alkaline batteries
Continuous Operation Up to 25 hours
Power Alarm Checked by switching
Operating Temperature Range -10 - 40℃
Dimensions 175(W)×191(H)×102(D)mm
Weight 1.5kg
Standard Accessories Water stopper, probe, gas collector tube(1.5m), leather case