Monitor the concentration of Hydrogen sulfide from sapropel or decay of organic matter generated at sewer, human-waste treatment plant, pulp mill or waste disposal centers and protect workers from hydrogen sulfide poisoning.
Monitor the concentration of Oxygen at the same time and prevent casualty caused from a lack of oxygen in advance.

Model MMP-12
Measuring Gas Oxygen Hydrogen sulphide
Measuring Principle Galvanic cell Chronoamperometry
Measuring Range 0 - 50.0 vol% 0 - 50ppm
Resolution 0.1vol% 0.1ppm
Accuracy Within ±0.5vol% O2 at 0-25.0vol%/Within ±3.0vol% O2 at 25.1vol% or more Within ±1.5ppm at 0 - 30ppm/Within ±3ppm of indicated value at 30.1ppm or more
Display Method Digital liquid crystal
Alarm Setting Below 18.0vol% AL1:10ppm, AL2:30ppm
Alarm Method LED lamp, LCD display and buzzer
Response Time Within 15 seconds at 90% response
Power Source 3 size D alkaline batteries
Continuous Operation Up to 800 hours with alkaline batteries
Operating Temperature Range Temperature : -10 - 40℃
Dimensions 106(W)×56(H)×29(D)mm
Weight 180g (including dry batteries and sensors)
Standard Accessories Leather case