Monitor the concentration of Carbon Monoxide generated from generators installed at work places such as steel works and refineries, underground of engineering and building sites and conduit and protect workers from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Monitor the concentration of Oxygen at the same time and prevent casualty caused from a lack of Oxygen in advance.

Model MMP-10
Measuring Gas Oxygen Carbon monoxide
Measuring Principle Galvanic cell Chronoamperometry
Measuring Range 0 - 50.0 vol% 0 - 500ppm
Resolution 0.1 vol% 1ppm
Accuracy Within ±0.5 vol% at below 25.0 vol%/Within ±3.0 vol% at over 25.1 vol% Within ±10ppm at 0 - 100ppm/±10% of indicated value at over 101ppm
Display Method Digital liquid crystal
Alarm Setting 18.0vol% AL1:50ppm, AL2:100ppm
Alarm Method LED lamp, LCD display and buzzer
Response Time 90% of the response within 15 seconds
Power Source 3 size D alkaline batteries
Continuous Operation Up to 800 hours with alkaline batteries
Operating Temperature Range Temperature : -10 - 40℃
Dimensions 106(W)×56(H)×29(D)mm
Weight 180g (including dry batteries and sensors)
Standard Accessories Leather case