• Digitally displays 3 elements simultaneously
  • Auto calibration of battery capacity and O2 sensor and auto zero adjustment of Combustible gas sensor and CO sensor when power is switched ON
  • 2 power system (dry batteries and AC 100V)
  • Trend analysis is available with a data logger function

Model MD-811
Measuring Gas Oxygen Combustible Gases Carbon monoxide
Measuring Principle Galvanic cell Catalytic combustion Chronoamperometry
Measuring Range 0 - 50.0 vol% 0 - 100%LEL 0 - 300ppm
Resolution 0.1 vol% 1%LEL 1ppm
Accuracy Within ±0.5 vol% at below 25.0 vol%/Within ±3.0 vol% at over 25.0 vol% Within ±10%LEL at below 100%LEL Within ±10ppm at 0 - 100ppm/±10% of indicated value at over 101ppm
Display Method Digital liquid crystal
Alarm Setting At below 18% At over 20%LEL At over 50ppm
Alarm Method LED lamp, LED display and buzzer
Response Time 90% of the response within 25 seconds (excluding gas inlet tube)
Power Source 4 size D alkaline batteries/AC 100V (adaptor)
Continuous Operation Up to 35 hours with alkaline batteries
Operating Temperature Range Temperature : -10 - 40℃, Humidity : 30-80%RH (non condensing)
Dimensions 230(W)×165(H)×130(D)mm
Weight 2.8kg (including dry batteries and sensors)
Standard Accessories Sampling tube (8m) with float-type sampler, leather case