List of Dissolved Ion Measurement Detector Tubes

Detector Tubes

Target chemical Uses Detector Tube No. Measuring range Measuring method Shelf Life (year) Measurement number for
1 set
Sulphide ion Sulphide measurements in pilpit 200SA 2 - 1,000ppm Immersion method 1 10
200SB 0.5 - 10ppm Immersion method 2 10
Chloride ion Salinity measurement on a painted surface 201SA 10 - 2,000ppm Immersion method 3 10
201SB 3 - 200ppm Immersion method 2 10
Copper ion Copper ion measurement in water 203S 1 - 100mg/L Suction method 1 10
Cyanide ion Cyanide ion measurement in water 204S 0.2 - 5ppm Suction method 2 10
Salinity Salinity measurement in water 205SL 0.01 - 0.8% Suction method 2 30
Free residual chlorine Chlorine measurement in water 234SA 0.4 - 5ppm Immersion method 2 10
Water vapour in solvent Water vapour measurement in solvent 77S 10 - 400mg/L Suction method 2 10

Explanation for Measurement methods
Immersion method: Uses capillarity by immersing a part of detector tube into the sample liquid.
Suction method: Suction of the sample liquid into the detector tube by attaching a rubber ball on one end of the tube.
Injection method: Injecting the sample liquid into the detector tube by a syringe.