Since our inception in 1995, the BI-TORQ Actuator and Automation Package division has seen a tremendous expansion of our operations. William Jackson, the managing director of AVK Carbo-Bond, had long seen the need to provide our many loyal customers with options to complete their valve automation packages. After bringing in General Manager David Marut and starting with the introduction of our BI-TORQ rack and pinion actuator in 1995, we now are proud to include the BI-TORQ InstruPak, a direct mount automated valve package that includes both brass and stainless steel valves. We also offer cost-effective butterfly valves, electric actuators, limit switches, proximity switches, positioners and gear operators. Along with the unlimited number of customized mounting kits, tee linkages and extensions we manufacture through our parent company, we are proud to call ourselves a true single source supplier that can make your job easier.